Adult Fellowship Potluck

Every third Wednesday at 6:00 pm

Adults laugh and bond as we feast at the potluck table. Often a guest speaker presents a program, or sometimes we have game night or a movie! Programs have included learning about fencing, having EMT explain the Yellow Dot Program, presenting travel logs, learning about ear surgery in Vietnam, and welcoming a quilter who explained her craft and displayed her art quilts.

Sensible Shoes Working Women’s Faith Group

This group grew out of a using Sharon Garlough Brown’s series Sensible Shoes. Through the lives of the women in the books, our women found support and love among their group here at LPC. They now meet in one another’s homes. There is always room for any woman at their table. They share in their desire to grow in faith and support one another as women of beauty, strength, and capability. This group celebrates life, womanhood, and service. Once again, Covid has sidelined their gatherings, but they look forward to meeting in person once again.

Bible Study

Wednesday from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

We have found the Horizon Bible Study workbooks to be well worth our time. We are presently reading Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. Through studying God’s word we share our stories, our fears, our heartaches, and our joys. We pray for one another, and we grow as we see a living Christ among us. If you are seeking comfort and a Bible based group to grow your faith, please come and join us.

Teens and Tweens

Sunday School
Children from PreK through 6th grade are invited to attend Sunday School from 9 am to 10 am in the church dining hall. Sunday School activities include discussions, singing, reading scriptures, crafts and enjoying snacks. Parents are encouraged to join their children during this time.

After Sunday School, families can attend the worship service together. For older children, activities are arranged during the worship service and there is a service available for babies and infants.

All classrooms are manned by two volunteer teachers. We are in compliance with all NY State and Presbyterian sexual misconduct and harassment policies.

Mission-Based Confirmation Program 

Jesus called the disciples to learn from him, emulate him and meet and minister to strangers, aliens, impoverished or ritually unclean people. The disciples belonged to Jesus by answering his call, following and observing him and making mistakes along the way. The disciples were apprentices in the ways of God. 

Membership Confirmation focuses on membership. Missional confirmation inspires an attitude of service and kindness. We seek to raise children who are focused on making a difference in the world and who are able to make life decisions based on Jesus’s example.

Youth in the 8th or 9th grade take part in a Confirmation Class.

Youth Group 
Teens and Tweens Youth Group meet once a month for dinner, games, and prayer. This is for 12 and up through high school. We often plan outside events. Come join us and give us ideas for what you want to do.

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